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Climate Change Visualized Outside Your Home

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We are Environment-All students in the 1st grade of Saint Demetrios High School, Christina, Vassilis, Elias, Nikolas and our teacher Katerina Asimakopoulou. We decided to participate because the combination of open technologies and Climate Change (as a thematic) not only interests us, but causes us to help solve the problem as much as we can.

Our Suggestion

After robot means work, we wondered if there is a robot to process the results of the climate crisis and presents them in a simpler, more concentrated form by graph so their use in the improvement of agricultural production / harvest or green growth in an area, urban or not. After a series of meetings between members of our team, we came to the general functions of our robot. In the beginning we use already existing open source programs and some created by us.

The RoboKlimUs is capable of taking measurements through specific sensors available

After each measurement, the data are sent via Bluetooth to a remote computer. The computer holds a large database with information from official sources. The data processed by an application written in Python 3 and with the help of XlsxWriter creating Excel spreadsheets with charts.

These are Images of the Wiring:

Animation Schematic


For this project we are using Python 3, you can download and the latest version here. Be sure to click “add Python to PATH” while installing.

After downloading and install it is time to install the required libraries. So navigate to EnvironmentAll folder, click the address bar and delete everything, write “cmd” and a new black window will appear.

In that window type:

pip install -r requirements.txt

This should install all required libraries for this project. If an error appears ask for help online.

Now just click

For more information on how to use the program and how to run a demo visit the Bonus Section



Name Team Position Email
Asimakopoulou Aikaterini Team Leader
Iliopoulos Nikolaos Team Member
Kalliakmanis Elias Team Member
Keramaris Vasilios Team Member
Tournari Christina Team Member